10 August 2009

Tried and Tested: Avon's Ultra Moisture Rich 24k Gold Lipstick

The product name is a mouthful but after swiping Avon's UMR lipstick, your lips will never be the same again. As a non-lipstick user, my lips are almost virgin when it comes to lipstick. Most of the lipsticks I tried float on my lips and are so embarassingly obvious and awkward.

Today I tried Avon's Ultra Moisture Rich 24k Gold Lipstick in Golden Peach. My ignorance set in and I tried to put lip balm and powder foundation on my lips first before applying the lipstick itself. My lips looked super nude which was cool but my lips felt heavy and I am not sure if my foundation is edible?

Avon's Ultra Moisture Rich 24K Lipstick in Golden Peach

So after I munched on some Greenwich pizza, everything was gone and I simply swiped on the Ultra Moisture Rich lipstick. I couldn't believe my eyes, it looked even better by itself and there is no need for special rituals (like putting powder on lips first). It matched my skin perfectly whilst still maintaining the nude color that I love.

The shine provided by the UMR lipstick is from its micro sparkling elements and not from a sticky glossy substance some lipsticks have. My lips didn't feel heavy and it was as if one is wearing nothing.

My instant collection of Avon's UMR lipstick, thank you Santa! :)

As for the staying power, some of my UMR lipstick transferred to my table napkin while enjoying desserts. Yet I think it is normal because of the swiping movement I do with my table napkin. I checked my glass and some lipstick also left a trace. And because I knew how great my lips look with the UMR, I hurriedly excused myself for a re-application :) It's as if I discovered lipstick for the first time. On another note, the UMR did not dry my lips or made it flaky.

I think this lipstick is going to be a mainstay in my makeup kit. Surprisingly, lipstick can also affect a lady's diet. Why? Because you wouldn't want your lipstick to be messed up by eating. I love it! :)