26 August 2009

Be a Hong Kong Foodie at the Hong Kong Food and Wine Year

Every trip to Hong Kong is a super memorable experience especially with food. There are just so many restaurants to choose from, whether you are on a budget or want to experience 5 star dining. Each dining experience in Hong Kong is an adventure - from menus that you cannot decipher and being lost in translation with a waiter, it all boils down to the great Hong Kong experience.

Style and Relax Foodie Hong Kong Picks:

Superstar Seafood Restaurant- a fine dining restaurant that serves traditional Chinese dishes including dumplings and roasted duck. The ambiance truly is a 5-star experience with quick service.

The Spaghetti House
- when tired of eating oriental flavors, run to the Spaghetti House somewhere near Nathan road. They offer authentic Italian dishes at reasonable prices. Try their soup served in French bread, lovely.

Sushi Bar in Mongkok
- sushi has never been this fresh and big! After shopping for hours in Mongkok district, find the hippest Sushi Bar where plenty are lining up to enter. I do not know the name, wish someone could tell us through the logos and Chinese characters on the photo above.

A random eatery near Panorama Hotel
- lots of Peking ducks hang in local eateries that would make you drool on the streets. Yet, never judge a restaurant by it's appearance in Hong Kong. Some of the best flavors come in modest places like this.

The Asian Food Channel and the Hong Kong Tourism Board invites everyone to experience the taste of Hong Kong during it's Food and Wine year. From October 30 to November 8, 2009 - the first-ever large-scale outdoor wine and dine event in Hong Kong will happen. There would be street carnivals, food sampling, and wine appreciation classes. Don't forget to drop by the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade where most of the activities will take place.

At the Mandarin Hotel, Maria Cordero with the Asian Food Channel and Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Personally, I wish upon a star that I can experience the Hong Kong Food and Wine Year :)

To make the most out of your Hong Kong Trip, log on to or tune in to the Asian Food Channel available on Sky Cable.