07 August 2009

Veet Promo Winners

First, I would like to thank all the 42 contestants who sent in their answers to the Veet Promo! If only everyone can win but stay tuned for more promos from Style and Relax! :)

Congratulations to the following winners who shared how body hair turns them off:

Aiz Tello sent in the best answer -

"When I was born, I have lots of body hair and they called me "balbon". I really don't know if it is an asset or what because some people say that it is. However, I don't feel the same. because I hate body hair. I want to have smooth legs which is hair free so that i can wear whatever I want like sexy shorts and sexy dresses....but how? I can't afford laser treatment and I'm afraid to try any products. It will really make me happy if i will have smooth and hair free legs to boost my confidence."

You win a Veet gift pack and a free day pass at Fitness First! :)

The following will receive one awesome Veet gift pack each:

Ria Tirazona
Frances Ivy
Bagel Betorin
Lloyd Baloloy (who joined this promo for his girlfriend! how sweet)

Kindly wait for your winning notification e-mail which should contain instructions on how to claim your prizes! :)