24 August 2009

Have a Picnic at The La Mesa Eco Park

Tired of the usual places for the weekend? Plan your next trip to the La Mesa Eco Park where trees replace sky scrapers and fresh air - city pollution.

The Amphitheatre looks like the Rice Terraces

La Mesa Eco Park is the best place to make your picnic dreams come true. Finally, like Guida de Laurentiis, you can prepare a wonderful picnic basket for your family or date to enjoy. You don't have to worry of overcrowding or having to race with other families to find a perfect spot - you can setup your picnic mat almost anywhere: Lopez Pinic Grounds or at the Amphitheatre. There are free tables and chairs to occupy, and you only have to pay for the Php 50 park entrance fee. Bring as many food as you like! :)

Aside from eating, enjoy walking at the fitness trail or the orchidarium trail. The two trails take around 45 minutes to conquer. Don't forget to wear your rubbershoes and bring your face towel.

The best thing to do at the La Mesa Eco Park is to try boating. You can rent a boat for Php 100 for 30 minutes. Each boat fits 4 persons. Take turns paddling and see who the best mamamangka is.

A humongous salt-treated swimming pool also awaits guests to take a dip. Entrance fee is around Php 50 (if I am not mistaken). The pool is clean and well-maintained but could be filled with super energetic kids.

Biking as well as horse back riding are available for all ages

A trip to the La Mesa Eco Park is a day well spent. There are plenty of photo opportunities with nature that you don't usually see in the city. For more information about the La Mesa Eco Park including their map, visit and support nature.