04 August 2009

Tried and Tested: Clarity Aesthetic Centre's Diamond Peel

As my skin is being a drama queen these days, I could not resist but try Clarity Aesthetic Centre's diamond peel. Unlike facials that leave you with scars and lets you walk out of the clinic looking like a monster - diamond peels are a breath of fresh air that leaves your skin powdery smooth and light. Question is, where should you have your diamond peels done?

Diamond peels do not come cheap, in fact they cost at the very least Php 900. Hence, it's a must to make sure you are getting your money's worth. At Clarity Aesthetic Centre, the diamond peel costs Php 1,000. It is advisable to bundle it with a relaxing facial (you can skip the pricking part without argument) that costs Php 500. This is because the facial scrubs your face of dirt, makeup, and other facial gunk on the top most layer of the skin. Once this is done, the diamond peel can better penetrate the skin and reveal a whiter glowing new you.

What we like at Clarity:

1. As soon as I walked in, I was seated down in a comfortable lounge and did not have to wait or fill up so many forms before getting my facial. Within minutes, I was lying down enjoying skin nirvana.

2. All treatments are done in private rooms and one therapist is assigned exclusively to you. Unlike in other facial centers, the steps were done efficiently. The facial steam only lasted 15 minutes and everything was well prepared from the creams to the masks. Both the facial and diamond peel was finished on time. Perfect if you have a boyfriend or driver waiting for you.

3. No pushing of additional services or skin products. Enough said.

4. The diamond peel machine had real diamond chips that lifts off ugly dead skin cells. Downtime is only around 30 minutes.

5. The clinic is ultra-quiet and the only sound you can hear is Norah Jones singing Don't know why I didn't come.

After the Diamond Peel

These are your dead skin cells ma'am

My face was a bit red on different parts for around 5 minutes, after that my skin relaxed and felt super light as if kilograms of dead skin cells have been washed off. If you want to glow like a celebrity, diamond peel can be done on your face twice a month. According to Clarity, most celebrity clients opt for diamond peels and yes, for the whole body. Diamond stars indeed.


Do not put on makeup after this treatment as skin is very supple and can easily get clogged. Toners must be avoided for 3 days and other harsh skin products. Personally, I just washed my face with water when I got home.

Clarity Aesthetic Centre is located beside its sister company Healthway that offers multi-specialty medical services in Shangrila Mall. Visit their website and learn more on how they redefine beauty through expert care. Be a fan of their Facebook page and be updated on upcoming promos and free diamond peels!