09 August 2009

Stress-Free Mornings with Jollibee

Mornings are challenging especially if you have to wake up early but there is always a work around on how to make your mornings stress-free!

I read how drinking a glass of water right after waking up can start your day calm but nothing beats yoga practice in the morning :) If you can, wake up an hour earlier and pop your yoga dvd, don't forget to say your personal mantras (e.g. Today will be great, I am beautiful, etc).

Me and Jollibee practicing yoga at 9AM, if Jollibee can do it so can you!

If you are not keen on being a human pretzel early in the morning, Taichi is something you might like. It will energize your chi and also provide a good breathing exercise. I also keep Taichi DVDs of the late David Carradine.

Super Jollibee Breakfast Joys: fried rice, sunny side-up egg, corned beef, tapa, longanissa, and sausage.

After your brief morning stretch cum workout, you have all the right to eat a hearty breakfast. Personally, I wouldn't eat too much rice but load up on protein sources like tapa, eggs, corned beef, sausages, crispy bangus, or hotdogs (my favorite). Breakfast is a great morning ritual because you feel that taking care of yourself always comes first. This is your "me" time before your boss or any other persons enter the day.

This TV ad will make you wake up early

Good news to those who go to work early, or simply do not know how to cook a yummy breakfast, since Jollibee is always serving piping hot breakfast until 11:00AM. Thumbs up to their hearty but healthy breakfast choices that would melt any type of morning stress away. Have your breakfast delivered or run to the nearest Jollibee branch after your workout :)