07 August 2009

Rediscovering BUM Equipment

Santa must have heard I am running out of clothes when I got these in my mail yesterday from BUM Equipment.

Back in College, the most practical thing to wear for me was a pair of capri pants and a shirt. Hence, I never had enough of cool shirts that fit my kolehiyala budget. I would scour SM Department store and one of the brands I patronized was BUM Equipment for their glittery, graphic, and nice fitting shirts. Looks like a lot has changed:

These photos are such a challenge for me to create my own look with the clothes! Looks like kids have everything these days.

In the meantime, BUM Equipment invites all readers to avail of their special anniversary sale. I swear, back in College I would rejoice to see yellow sale tags. All items are now 20% off for the entire month of August.