14 September 2010

Beauty: The Body Shop Autumn-Winter Collection

Time to toss your sunglasses away, it's the start of rainy days and according to the beauty experts, smoky eyes are the best accessory right now. Again, I have no idea how to put on makeup properly - I confess, what more on making smoky eyes? But if you are like me, there's hope with The Body Shop's Autumn-Winter Collection.

Any make-up dummy could just ask the staff to grab all the items in the collection, put them in the signature TBS brown bag, and you're now equipped with the latest beauty trend this season. I did just that and here are my hauls:

My makeup brownie bag

The Body Shop gives free makeovers and lessons. Apparently, you use the eyeliner gel stick first, then brush on some eyeshadow, finish off with a mascara.

The Autumn Leaves compact can be used on your cheeks and decolletage. The tones are really fire-y, so don't forget to just put a little of this unless you want to look really red.

Kajal Eyeliner – SRP: 695.00, Eye Colour – SRP: 595.00, Autumn Leaves Compact – SRP: 1,395.00

Now I always have these Body Shop items in my messenger bag and practice, practice, practice. Personally, I could just do with the Kajal eyeliner during my lazy days because it is just so easy to use and smudge.

Another product I just discovered is The Body Shop's Lightening Touch which is amazingly both a highlighter and concealer. I used it now on a daily basis to achieve a cleaner, brighter look.

Will post photos soon. My stash is missing a mascara so I should get one to have the "full" effect.