13 March 2009

Purples and Dots

Dotted satin purple dress

Polka dots or just plain dots are making a scene this 2009. Probably the new view on this "retro/classic" style was brought about by the recent Comme des Garçons capsule collection.

I just had to check at if my vision is correct about these dots, and yes the dots are hitting Spring/Summer 2009 runways of Betsey Johnson, Mikhael Cors, and Louis Vuitton.

Mini dress with polka dots in many colors

Dots can come in many forms and sizes, colors, transparency, but I like mine small, happy, and affordable :) I've noted how purple or violet was last year's it color but is somehow just catching on this year, on a shinier form - check out the purple Lanvin dress in the Shopaholic movie.