05 March 2009

Bacne, Pimple, and Dark Underarm Solutions

During summer, more skin is naturally exposed because of the hot weather and to enjoy summer fashion or just being comfortable during this season, good if not perfect skin is a must.

Readers and friends ask me about bacne, pimple and dark underarm solutions frequently and just to recap here are the solutions I found effective - really effective!

Back Acne: Body Cream from Caraderme Clinic. Although you have to do this 2 months before summer so your skin can fully recover and peel. This is the only solution that banished my back acne that haunted me since elementary. When new bumps appear, just reapply the body cream or redo the process all over again.


Pimples: If you want to make one huge pimple disappear and stop ruining your photos, try having your pimple injected by your dermatologist. I will share my regimen for the face on another post. Again, I am not flawless but I have suffered from acne since birth and I feel the frustration of those who suffer from acne too.


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Dark Underams: Underarm Peeling Treatment and Maintainence
Raising your hand is never embarrassing again if you can finally lighten your dark armpits. Many Asian women suffer from this maybe because of deodorants, shaving, or simply genetics. This worked for me and I hope it would work for you too. Finding a good dermatologist really solves all skin problems! It feels very liberating to wear sleeveless blouses with no problems or concerns about dark underarms.


Whew! Have a beautiful summer everyone! :)


chaidblogger said...

Summer means fun at the beach! We, girls, love to show some skin so we really have to protect our back, legs and most especially our face. Having acne is a major turn off to guys, right? ugh! The post was good, thanks for the idea! I loved it! Just wanna share, regarding acne problems, I saw this site on the internet about treating acne and all that stuff.. it's the site also contains natural and over the counter treatments. Check it out.