29 March 2009

Do FitFlops Really Work?

Oprah says YES and add to that, beauty queen (goddess) and FitFlop addict Carlene Aguilar also agrees.

At the Fitflop Mallxercise yesterday which was held at the Rockwell Powerplant Mall, I had the chance to try walking and running wearing FitFlops. Along with other ladies, including Carlene Aguilar, who are all eyeing to win the Aurelia Gladiator fitflops - I "mallxercised"and felt how comfortable Fitflops are.

Stand tall like a beauty queen with Fitflops

With Fitflops, I noticed that my posture is different in that I was standing straighter and taller in the correct manner. I also felt my butt cheeks being squeezed with every stride and seriously, I had a warm/burning sensation feeling in both of my legs. It could either be because of the Fitflops or I was just excited ;) Fitflops could really be working!

Interview with Carlene Aguilar

After the scavenger hunt, we were able to talk to Carlene and she says that she wears her FitFlops daily to school. She says that her legs look great even though she has given birth partly because of Fitflops. She owns a black Aurelia Gladiator which she wore that day - she asked her friend to buy it for her after seeing it on the newspaper. She is not an endorser of Fitflops and like everybody, she had to play hard during the scavenger hunt. In the end, she was the fastest contestant and won the Snake Skin Aurelia Gladiator Fitflops. Congratulations! :)

The Fitflops Mallxercise was a great experience with the Fitflops fans. We all went to the Fitflop shop itself after the event to claim our prizes and we had fun choosing colors and designs. I'd like to try and wear Fitflops inside the house to get the best results. But if a beauty queen and an Oprah says Fitflops work, and after trying it out for myself - I conclude that Fitflops do really work!