14 March 2009

How to Enjoy a Tapas Party at Hermanos

Here's a quick social etiquette lesson: How to enjoy a Tapas Party.

Tapas mean appetizers in Spain, imagine our ancestors during the Spanish era gathering around a wide variety of tapas - full of style, flair, conversations, and wine.

I personally did not know how to enjoy "tapas" the right way until I experienced a Tapas party at Hermanos. Located along Julia Vargas, tucked inside rows of mini bars and hang out joints.

Inside you will be greeted by wooden cabinets of wine and brick walls that you will feel transported back to old Manila. Up the wooden staircase, are welcoming tables enough to accomodate groups of friends under hanging light insulations. Very classy and nostalgic indeed.

A good venue is necessary for an enjoyable tapas party. Afterall, tapas are not meant to make a person full but rather, to promote conversation. Based on my research, tapas also encourage people to stand up and move around the venue, make friends, and nurture a good glass of wine. This could be the reason behind Hermano's lady-like serving. Not too much but just enough to share.

What to Order:

Bola-bola Paella Dela Guerra - my favorite starter which you can deep in chili tomato sauce. These are deep fried breaded paella rice balls.

Karne de la Patria Adorada
- my choice of meat which is not too dry and it has a flavorful pepper garlic sauce.

Tapang Usa de Katipunan - deer meat that is best with wine to compliment it's solid-dry yet flavorful texture. This is almost like a jerky if I may compare.

At Hermanos, wine seems overflowing and waiters know which wine goes well with what type of tapas. By now, we should know that tapas are not limited to beef but also cheese, mushrooms, calamares and other appetizers. Both red and white wines are available at Hermanos.

Personally, the best time to enjoy tapas is just before dinner when one's stomach is mid-empty. Take the time to taste the flavor of each tapas (appetizers) and how they interact with wine. Each tapas is an interesting conversation starter with friends already.

Hermanos is great place to have long and relaxed conversations with friends, even meet new ones. The place is very cozy and the atmosphere is soft with the perfect lighting and music. During the night I have won a handful of new friends over at Hermanos.

Hermanos is located at Unit 104, Bldg. C, Ortigas Home Depot Complex, Doña Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City.