22 March 2009

Walking in Style at the Ipanema Walkathon @ The Fort

2:00 PM at The Fort yesterday, people were already present and lining up to register for the Ipanema Walk the Green Mile Walkathon. The crowd included young people, parents and kids, and even models and actresses.

Everyone donned their favorite walking outfit and all I could come up with was this:

The Ipanema Walk the Green Mile Walkathon official shirt, black shorts, Ipanema baller ID, and a pair of Ipanema Thong Fem. Early birds were given the official Ipanema Walk the Green Mile Walkathon shirts, yey! :)

Models including Raya Mananquil and actress Karla Humprey definitely knew how to walk in style with their own pairs of Ipanemas and remain glamorous under the summer's heat.

Prior to the walkathon, some attendees took the time to shop at specially discounted Ipanema flip flops and Haribon Foundation shirts at their respective tents.

Patxi Elizalde leads the Walkathon with family and friends

The Uganda band had an easy time walking and playing music with their Ipanemas on . Thanks to them everyone enjoyed energizing music while walking "the green mile".

The walkathon ended with a rewarding cocktail at Le Souffle and an Ipanema fashion show. Who knew walkathons can be this fabulous right?

Congratulations to Ipanema and thank you for getting everyone to stand up and walk for the environment.