19 March 2009

Mallxercise with Fitflops

Flip flops companies have gone more aggressive in marketing as soon as the summer season kicked in. This is good news for shoppers as we are presented with creative and fun activities like walkathons or being able to help a cause by shopping.


The latest flip flops brand that is coming up with an activity is called Fitflops. I've researched about it and learned that it's called Fitflops because it helps ladies tone their leg muscles and get more exercise just by wearing these sandals. It has a patented multi-density microwobble board mid-sole that tones the bum, legs and thigh muscles with each stride. Great invention, yes?

Walk Star Aqua

On March 28, if you are one of the first 20 persons who purchase a pair of Fitflops - you will be entitled to join their Mallxercise session around the Powerplant Mall where ladies would be taught how to walk properly while visiting health and wellness boutiques. There will also be fun activities like a scavenger hunt where you can win prizes! :) A limited edition “Aurelia” gladiator-style FitFlop will be up for grabs. See you there!