24 March 2009

Bright and Shiny Neons

Socialista Hard Candy by Glitterati

The 80's has been making a come back since 2008 and what better way to celebrate it than neon? Louis Vuitton's Stephen Sprouse collection has made neon exuberant on shop windows and fashionable streets. On the runway, the likes of Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg have added a splash of bright colors to their spring/summer collections. According to a special I saw on Euromaxx, the 80's neon trend is definitely coming back but the difference is it that is more of "loud" colors rather than "neon" which reminds me of billboard signs and glow in the dark 80's disco outfits.

Topnotch Show Stopper by Glitterati

Now looking at local fashion, Glitterati's JL Ladrido and Nina Estacio brings us their heart-stopping Bright Young Things collection. I don't know about you but as I browsed and looked at each piece, my heart was pounding with pure excitement and anticipation.

Miss Behave Eclectic Avenue in Yellow

The pieces are perfect for maintaining glam during humid nights when your little black dress seems too warm to wear. Zipper and trim details present a modest bondage element (think Rihanna) present on the runway.

Glitterati is available at where you can view more pieces of the Bright and Shiny collection. Big fan over here :)