25 November 2010

Clinelle Professional Care Review
Clinelle, a brand that has cared for the skin of many women across the world has finally arrived in the Philippines. This brand is a hit in the US, China, Taiwan, HK, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

I've read about it a number of times in beauty forums but never had my hands on the products until now. You can get Clinelle at Watsons.

It has been 3 days since I used Clinelle and I am still using the following products from its essential care line + the SnoWhite Mask many have been raving about:

1. Clinelle Caring Milk Cleanser 100ML (Php 399.00)

This cleanser is without suds, or bubbles like what is expected of milk cleansers like Cetaphil. With Clinelle, I only used a little but was confident I had a clean face afterwards unlike with other sud-free cleansers that I usually repeat washing with.

All products of Clinelle says it provides balance, soothing, and healing. My skin felt soft and more comfortable after washing. Can't believe how light it felt, no kidding.

2. Clinelle Purifying Toner 200ML (Php 399.00)

The toner, which is alcohol-free feels like baby oil (without the oiliness) maybe because it was really gentle. Though I think I feel a safe bit amount of stinging. Like the Milk Cleanser, it has a mild scent which you could love or hate but it fades quickly anyway. It promises to control acne and promote skin cell renewal.

It was successful in removing traces of makeup and since it made my skin feel soft, it completely relaxed me and prepared the skin for the next product which is...

3. Clinelle Moisture Glow 50ML (Php 439.00)

I am using this only at night, when I am not using the SnoWhite Mask. This moisturizer is easily absorbed but might make your skin too oily. What I do is, after an hour or so of application, I wipe my face with a facial tissue to remove excess products.

When I wake up, my skin tone looks more even and redness is decreased. That's why it's called Moisture Glow? I believe in the soothing properties of this product but wish it doesn't make skin oilier.

4. Clinelle Eye Bright 15ML (Php 529.00)

This is the first eye cream I ever used in my lifetime. Staring at the laptop screen all day made my eyes look really tired with dark circles. Tell me if I am hallucinating, but after gently tapping my eye area with this eye cream - my eyes look brighter.

I use it AM and PM, I think I love all the items in this skin care line already.

5. Clinelle SnoWhite Mask 50ML (Php 729.00)

The SnoWhite Mask is a wash off mask. Just let it stay on your skin for 15-30 minutes. Used this product on the first day of my review and I felt my skin being soothed and relaxed. It did make a difference the day after, no wonder this is one of the famous Clinelle products out there.

Too bad that I can't use it daily, recommended usage is just 3 times a week.

I'm excited about these Clinelle products and they have a wide range for different types of skin. I've read reviews about their acne gel, pressed powder, etc. Yup loads more of Clinelle products but I'll stick to these for now. Each box contains an instruction sheet on what to use and when. Also recommendations if you have other skin conditions :)

Have you tried Clinelle?

Here's a link to the Clinelle FB Page for more information.