27 November 2010

Giant Bibingka at Half Moon Cafe


I always wish great tasting bibingka would be available all year round. And then I heard that a giant bibingka would be baked inside Half Moon Cafe, located along Tomas Morato Ave.


Excuse my overly elated expression. Could you imagine how huge this was?

Halfmoon Asian Cafe calls this a one-of-a-kind "bibingcrepe" that comes in 3 flavors: plain, cheese, and chocolate.


Bibingcrepe has the same fluffiness of the traditional Filipino delicacy and the creamy goodness of the French pancake. Eating it is like enjoying a taste of the provincial and the modern at the same time.


Chocolate bibingcrepe is my choice. Took home boxes of this for my midnight snack binge eating fiesta.

When bringing home bibingcrepe, heat it in the oven for 3-5 minutes and drizzle condensed milk on top. The melted chocolate + condensed milk is ecstatic.

Met Kiko Rustia, the Pinoy Survivor turned United Colors of Benetton model.

Both of us love bibingcrepe. Wala lang. I always see him around in malls, billboards, and on TV watching budandings (whale sharks).


Also, Mr. Buddy the food master who was very charming. He should win employee of eternity. If you visit Half Moon Cafe, he'll make you feel very well at home.

Grab a cup of coffee and try bibingcrepe for yourself. Open until 10PM.