06 November 2010

Food: Can You Top This Pizza? A Slice on Greenwich Top That Pizza

I've been seeing these Greenwich Billboards featuring intriguing pizzas. The pizzas look like they have crowns, actually they remind me of birthday cakes x.x I told a friend the only thing missing is a candle on the center.

So one day I dragged some fellows to Greenwich at Robinsons Galleria and had the opportunity to see these curious pizzas for myself.

Buffalo wings topped pizza with Onion Rings

Meatballs topped pizza with French Fries I get it. Seems like every pizza brand is re-inventing themselves every now and then. Greenwich has launched a number of pizzas including the Overloaded Pizza and now, the Top That Pizzas. I know because I frequent them for my favorite and affordable "best-ever" lasagna.

Ordered Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip separately

Eating Top That Pizzas from Greenwich feel like playing because I enjoyed picking on the toppings first and eating the pizza itself afterwards. Think of it as free "pika-pika" for the barkada. I liked the Buffalo Wings top that most, and you can order Buffalo Wings separately too. It comes with a blue cheese dip, sounds expensive but it's very affordable like Greenwich is.

Pizza is drizzled with at least 2 sauces for the buffalo wings and onion rings

My mates said the Buffalo Wings were spicy, of course it is! I am a spicy person and I think it could even get hotter haha :) The wings are best to enjoy with the hands and fingers so you can get to every nook of each juicy wing.

One thing I noticed though is the cheesy pizza used for Top That. Because it is overloaded with toppings, the pizza itself is a bit plain but tasty because of the cheese used. I am not sure if they used 4 cheeses but it tastes like it.

The toppings don't come with their own dips but the pizza is readily drizzled with some sauce. If I order this again, I'll ask for extra dips (not sure if you can buy it separately but I will try) becuase I think that would make eating even more fun.

Most sinful coffee? Butterfinger Coffee from Greenwich

I guzzled down the new Butterfinger Coffee of Greenwich too and was thinking of getting this:

Pizza Cookie topped with Icecream (hu-waw)

Maybe next time. Hungry yet?