28 November 2010

Fergie is Now an Avon Lady - Launches new fragrance, Outspoken

Meet the newest Avon Lady to knock not on your door, but on your sense of smell. Miss Fergaliscious!


The singer-songwriter, rapper, fashion designer and film star, Fergie is now also a fragrance designer. O_O


Behind the scenes of her Avon Outspoken campaign

To live her glamorous busy life to the full, she lists diamond facials, vegetable juice, lingerie, workouts and Maldives as all good medicine. Add to that, fragrance which makes her feel more sexy and alluring.

Fergie says Outspoken is a fresh, modern scent that will make the women who wear it feel confident and fearless. The scent is bold with a raw, sexy edge that will shock you.


Think chiffon and leather, rocker chic and belle of the ball, bold personality and sweet lyrics, the underlying toughness in soft femininity.

Outspoken by Fergie is available for P999 through Avon Representatives nationwide starting December 1, 2010. Click on to find out how you can get in touch with an Avon Lady.