29 November 2010

The People vs. Pizza Hut's Lechon Pizza

Surely you've heard about the Lechon Pizza from Pizza Hut. But have you conquered it yet?

Don trying to conquer Pizza Hut's lechon pizza with a smile

This is us trying to find out who gets a stroke first.

Kidding aside, this Lechon Pizza is seriously mind-blowing and 100% Flip as in Pinoy!

Me pretending I am not thinking of how much calories this pizza haz!

Topping off Pizza Hut's Classic Crust is layer after layer of traditional lechon sauce, premium lechon meat, delectable cheese, and garlic roasted to sweetness.

Azrael puts his life on the line with 4 slices of lechon pizza!

Each pizza is finished off with a generous portion of that wonderfully crispy balat ng lechon.

Choose your weapon, authentic lechon sauce by Pizza Hut or the classic Tabasco pepper sauce. I recommend Tabasco, so you can eat more lechon pizza :)

Until January 2011 only. Order na! 911-1111 or