05 November 2010

Starbucks Cheer Party - Stories are Gifts, Share!

Every year, I know it's Christmas time whenever I get my invitation for the Starbucks Cheer Party. It's always the first Christmas party I attend and last year, they also celebrated on November 3 - same date I found out I was preggers :)

Now like Starbucks, I have more things to be grateful for - including this Starbucks 2011 Planner *evil grin*

And these newly baked holiday ginger based cookies and pastries you can enjoy this yuletide season with your favorite houseblend.

At every Starbucks Cheer Party, patrons and guests are offered unlimited tastes of Starbucks pastries. Among all the things I ate, I highly recommend this:

White Chocolate Berry Cookie

Because these polar bear ginger bread cookies are too cute to eat

I enjoyed taste-testing the pastries with a hot Toffe Nut drink which is only available during Christmas Tree season. It tastes like coffee blended with chocolate bars. It's already sweet so you may want to choose a not-so sugary pastry with this.

Other holiday drinks that are now brewing include: Praline Mocha and Peppermint Mocha

Choose your weapon to deal with this heavenly Almond Roca cake. My sister and I used to fight over bars of Almond Roca, if she was here I'll give her a box of this. A whole cake costs aroun Php 1,100 ++. Give this to your female boss *wink*

Almond Roca Cheesecake

Would you believe this? Cookie dough + Cheesecake!

The Starbucks Cheer Party was even better than last year just because of this:

Wacky photo wall complete with accessories by Pose and Print. Here's me with bloggers Fran and Rowena.

Last year, Azrael won a blue Bearista for the little boy. This year, I won a kiddie tumbler! Perfect as his school jug once he goes to prep. heehee :)

There will be more Starbucks Cheer Party! This was just the first, held at Ayala 6750. I will post the upcoming cheer parties and which branch they will happen here. Stay tuned!