30 November 2010

Fashionably Stressed! x Thigh High Boots

Today's outfit with the mission to pull out clothes at Forever 21 for Samsung's fashion show.

I was in the mall at 10AM and almost won the early bird award.

In between picking out items and hanging them on my designated rack, eager shoppers couldn't resist pulling out from my selection. No one guarded my rack except for a helpless paper with my name on it, so...

At 12nn I was still pretending to be a stylist, but took a break and had Beef Gyudon lunch at Bubble Tea.

2PM I finally completed my set, I asked the staff to kindly secure my items by bringing them inside but she said she will already need to list everything, that no one will pull out an item because it had the piece of paper, etc.

After my super short trip to the loo, lo and behold - two outfits complete with tops, bottoms, and accessories were already missing just like our garden planter! Imagine me panicking and the staff trying to say no one picked any items from the rack. But I am sure they were complete before I left because I have been working on them for hours!

Later on she apologized about how she could not guard the items because she was minding the register too and how shoppers should have gotten from my selection. Haaayyyy. It was a nightmare, I wanted to cry.

I have more I want to tell (like how the staff asked me, "pati yung pang mens isusuot niyo po?" and how different sums came up everytime she compute the items that I had to bring in and out items to my rack).

But those aside, *I think* I enjoyed. I mean compared to my olden office days, I'd rather face clothes for hours than memos, payrolls, reading about planters etc. And I'd rather be at Forever 21.

My set would walk the runway at Megamall's Atrium in the afternoon, there are models and I won't be wearing the clothes I selected. Most definitely I won't wear men's clothing.

Heard there will also be a prize for the best stylist? but as early as now, I do not expect to win, I believe I won't, and contests make me feel awkward. This entry is actually part of me feeling awkward.

Now off to earn dollars from window box planters.