30 November 2010

Fashionably Stressed! x Thigh High Boots

Today's outfit with the mission to pull out clothes at Forever 21 for Samsung's fashion show.

I was in the mall at 10AM and almost won the early bird award.

In between picking out items and hanging them on my designated rack, eager shoppers couldn't resist pulling out from my selection. No one guarded my rack except for a helpless paper with my name on it, so...

At 12nn I was still pretending to be a stylist, but took a break and had Beef Gyudon lunch at Bubble Tea.

2PM I finally completed my set, I asked the staff to kindly secure my items by bringing them inside but she said she will already need to list everything, that no one will pull out an item because it had the piece of paper, etc.

After my super short trip to the loo, lo and behold - two outfits complete with tops, bottoms, and accessories were already missing just like our garden planter! Imagine me panicking and the staff trying to say no one picked any items from the rack. But I am sure they were complete before I left because I have been working on them for hours!

Later on she apologized about how she could not guard the items because she was minding the register too and how shoppers should have gotten from my selection. Haaayyyy. It was a nightmare, I wanted to cry.

I have more I want to tell (like how the staff asked me, "pati yung pang mens isusuot niyo po?" and how different sums came up everytime she compute the items that I had to bring in and out items to my rack).

But those aside, *I think* I enjoyed. I mean compared to my olden office days, I'd rather face clothes for hours than memos, payrolls, reading about planters etc. And I'd rather be at Forever 21.

My set would walk the runway at Megamall's Atrium in the afternoon, there are models and I won't be wearing the clothes I selected. Most definitely I won't wear men's clothing.

Heard there will also be a prize for the best stylist? but as early as now, I do not expect to win, I believe I won't, and contests make me feel awkward. This entry is actually part of me feeling awkward.

Now off to earn dollars from window box planters.

29 November 2010

The People vs. Pizza Hut's Lechon Pizza

Surely you've heard about the Lechon Pizza from Pizza Hut. But have you conquered it yet?

Don trying to conquer Pizza Hut's lechon pizza with a smile

This is us trying to find out who gets a stroke first.

Kidding aside, this Lechon Pizza is seriously mind-blowing and 100% Flip as in Pinoy!

Me pretending I am not thinking of how much calories this pizza haz!

Topping off Pizza Hut's Classic Crust is layer after layer of traditional lechon sauce, premium lechon meat, delectable cheese, and garlic roasted to sweetness.

Azrael puts his life on the line with 4 slices of lechon pizza!

Each pizza is finished off with a generous portion of that wonderfully crispy balat ng lechon.

Choose your weapon, authentic lechon sauce by Pizza Hut or the classic Tabasco pepper sauce. I recommend Tabasco, so you can eat more lechon pizza :)

Until January 2011 only. Order na! 911-1111 or

28 November 2010

Fergie is Now an Avon Lady - Launches new fragrance, Outspoken

Meet the newest Avon Lady to knock not on your door, but on your sense of smell. Miss Fergaliscious!


The singer-songwriter, rapper, fashion designer and film star, Fergie is now also a fragrance designer. O_O


Behind the scenes of her Avon Outspoken campaign

To live her glamorous busy life to the full, she lists diamond facials, vegetable juice, lingerie, workouts and Maldives as all good medicine. Add to that, fragrance which makes her feel more sexy and alluring.

Fergie says Outspoken is a fresh, modern scent that will make the women who wear it feel confident and fearless. The scent is bold with a raw, sexy edge that will shock you.


Think chiffon and leather, rocker chic and belle of the ball, bold personality and sweet lyrics, the underlying toughness in soft femininity.

Outspoken by Fergie is available for P999 through Avon Representatives nationwide starting December 1, 2010. Click on to find out how you can get in touch with an Avon Lady.

27 November 2010

Giant Bibingka at Half Moon Cafe


I always wish great tasting bibingka would be available all year round. And then I heard that a giant bibingka would be baked inside Half Moon Cafe, located along Tomas Morato Ave.


Excuse my overly elated expression. Could you imagine how huge this was?

Halfmoon Asian Cafe calls this a one-of-a-kind "bibingcrepe" that comes in 3 flavors: plain, cheese, and chocolate.


Bibingcrepe has the same fluffiness of the traditional Filipino delicacy and the creamy goodness of the French pancake. Eating it is like enjoying a taste of the provincial and the modern at the same time.


Chocolate bibingcrepe is my choice. Took home boxes of this for my midnight snack binge eating fiesta.

When bringing home bibingcrepe, heat it in the oven for 3-5 minutes and drizzle condensed milk on top. The melted chocolate + condensed milk is ecstatic.

Met Kiko Rustia, the Pinoy Survivor turned United Colors of Benetton model.

Both of us love bibingcrepe. Wala lang. I always see him around in malls, billboards, and on TV watching budandings (whale sharks).


Also, Mr. Buddy the food master who was very charming. He should win employee of eternity. If you visit Half Moon Cafe, he'll make you feel very well at home.

Grab a cup of coffee and try bibingcrepe for yourself. Open until 10PM.

26 November 2010

Nike x Chicosci Launch on December 1

Don't you find it interesting when rock bands tie up with fashion brands such as Nike? The latest of which is Chicosci donning the AW77s in their latest music video “What’s your poison?”

An iconic Sportswear classic, the limited edition AW77 hoodies bring out the elements of innovation and style to create an unrivalled collection.

To launch the AW77 hoodie, on December 1 (Wednesday), 7 PM, Chicosci will perform their latest tracks from their fifth album “Fly Black Hearts” at the Nike Store in Bonifacio Highstreet leading with their current hit “What’s Your Poison?”

The AW77 will be exclusively available at Nike Park The Fort starting December and will retail at P4,295.

For more information on the AW77 hoodie, log on to

25 November 2010

Clinelle Professional Care Review
Clinelle, a brand that has cared for the skin of many women across the world has finally arrived in the Philippines. This brand is a hit in the US, China, Taiwan, HK, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

I've read about it a number of times in beauty forums but never had my hands on the products until now. You can get Clinelle at Watsons.

It has been 3 days since I used Clinelle and I am still using the following products from its essential care line + the SnoWhite Mask many have been raving about:

1. Clinelle Caring Milk Cleanser 100ML (Php 399.00)

This cleanser is without suds, or bubbles like what is expected of milk cleansers like Cetaphil. With Clinelle, I only used a little but was confident I had a clean face afterwards unlike with other sud-free cleansers that I usually repeat washing with.

All products of Clinelle says it provides balance, soothing, and healing. My skin felt soft and more comfortable after washing. Can't believe how light it felt, no kidding.

2. Clinelle Purifying Toner 200ML (Php 399.00)

The toner, which is alcohol-free feels like baby oil (without the oiliness) maybe because it was really gentle. Though I think I feel a safe bit amount of stinging. Like the Milk Cleanser, it has a mild scent which you could love or hate but it fades quickly anyway. It promises to control acne and promote skin cell renewal.

It was successful in removing traces of makeup and since it made my skin feel soft, it completely relaxed me and prepared the skin for the next product which is...

3. Clinelle Moisture Glow 50ML (Php 439.00)

I am using this only at night, when I am not using the SnoWhite Mask. This moisturizer is easily absorbed but might make your skin too oily. What I do is, after an hour or so of application, I wipe my face with a facial tissue to remove excess products.

When I wake up, my skin tone looks more even and redness is decreased. That's why it's called Moisture Glow? I believe in the soothing properties of this product but wish it doesn't make skin oilier.

4. Clinelle Eye Bright 15ML (Php 529.00)

This is the first eye cream I ever used in my lifetime. Staring at the laptop screen all day made my eyes look really tired with dark circles. Tell me if I am hallucinating, but after gently tapping my eye area with this eye cream - my eyes look brighter.

I use it AM and PM, I think I love all the items in this skin care line already.

5. Clinelle SnoWhite Mask 50ML (Php 729.00)

The SnoWhite Mask is a wash off mask. Just let it stay on your skin for 15-30 minutes. Used this product on the first day of my review and I felt my skin being soothed and relaxed. It did make a difference the day after, no wonder this is one of the famous Clinelle products out there.

Too bad that I can't use it daily, recommended usage is just 3 times a week.

I'm excited about these Clinelle products and they have a wide range for different types of skin. I've read reviews about their acne gel, pressed powder, etc. Yup loads more of Clinelle products but I'll stick to these for now. Each box contains an instruction sheet on what to use and when. Also recommendations if you have other skin conditions :)

Have you tried Clinelle?

Here's a link to the Clinelle FB Page for more information.

Marriott Hotel Manila Launches the Festive Season with Habitat for Humanity

Here's more Christmas good news. To celebrate the Festive Season, Marriott Manila joins hands with Habitat for Humanity in building decent houses to live for families in need. Another “Spirit to Serve” activity of the hotel, the project aims to raise funds by working to improve the environment and well-being of the community they serve.

By purchasing a Christmas ball worth P200 each, anyone gets a chance to be part of this worthy cause. Another excuse to enjoy Marriott Hotel's dinner buffet at the M Cafe.

Phoemela Beranda, Ruffa Guttierez, Cory Quirino, and Tim Yap

Spearheading the Christmas Ball donation is Model/Actress Ruffa Guttierez, Pasay City Mayor Antonio Calixto, Marriott Manila General Manager Richard Saul, Marriott Manila Director of Sales and Marketing Indraneel Benadikar, and Chief Executive Officer Ricardo Nicanor-Jacinto.

Marriott Hotel Manila is set in the world class tourism complex of Resorts World Manila. Affording a splendid view of the adjoining 18-hole Villamor Golf Course, it boasts 342 exquisite guest rooms that offers luxurious bedding, high-speed internet, 40" full high definition LCDs with IPTV and the new remote jack pack plug-and-play system.

Hotel facilities include Quan spa, 6 meeting rooms and a Grand Ballroom, 5 superb restaurants, outdoor pool and a health club.

Don't you wish you can spend your Christmas here? Check out their Holiday Buffet rates at the Marriott Cafe. Thank me later ;)

Christmas Brunch Php 1,850
Dec 04,05,11,12,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24

Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner Php 2,500
Dec 24

Christmas Day Buffet Brunch Php 2,500
Dec 25)

New Years Eve Buffet Dinner (Dec 31) Php 2,500

New Years Day Buffet Brunch(Jan 01) Php 2,500

Miracle Machine

Do you ever get stopped by your friends when giving money to beggars? "sindikato yan!"

I always do. But it's just the easiest and most obvious way to help, though not the best.

Miracle Machine is a social network application and its objective is quite simple: to get people and their friends and their friends’ friends working together to make miracles happen for the less unfortunate.

Think Facebook but instead of status updates and comments, you get opportunities to help.

Childhope Asia hopes to keep street children warm this Yuletide Season by providing them with new underwear and clothes.

That's one miracle most of us can pitch in to. I'm sure underwear needs and also feminine hygiene kits are easily overlooked. Even during clothes drive.

Find more miracles you can help make happen at

New and Improved

But still the old clothes made to look like new.

Black balloon skirt worn high waist. Old Blue Bayo blouse tucked in. Finished off with a belt.

And sat on a chair.

At Cafe 1771

Had an amazing discovery one afternoon, Cafe 1771 is diet friendly.

I wasn't there to try the food but to talk about this.

Watson's new Sakura Bella.

I already love them for bringing me to this place, and the set they ordered.

Light mushroom soup

Green Salad

Tiny tiny sliver of caramel cake

Bread with kesong puti, mushrooms, and half a cup of pasta

The place looks like a doll house, Facebook's Cafe World, or an English Tea house, with lots of books, and Philip Starck's ghost chairs.

And a handful of fashion bloggers.

24 November 2010

Promo: Be Radiant and Fash with Pond's Gold Radiance

In a matter of days after Pond's launched its most luxurious range, everybody is now talking about the Gold Radiance products Many want to try it and finally, they are now out in beauty stores like Watsons.

Pond's Gold Radiance Endorser Revealed

Here's the deal, help me review these products by purchasing any product from the gold radiance line. I recommend the Pond's Gold Radiance Eye Cream and Pond's Gold Radiance Serum, both have real gold micro particles.

The best review will get this gold designer clutch from the Aranaz.

You can post your review on your blog or Facebook, as long as you use the products for 7 days and reveal a more radiant you. Email your links to styleandrelax (at)

Deadline of entries is on December 18, 2010. Prize will be sent to your doorstep ;)