21 December 2010

First Bite: Bon Chon Chicken at Ayala Triangle

When a lot of people are talking about a certain restaurant, I don't get my hopes high because most of the time, it's just a fad.

Or so I thought.

Surely you've heard about Bon Chon, the latest "it" chicken in the metro, next to KFC's Double Down burger.

They say Bon Chon is Singapore's KFC. I took the chicken by its wing and ravaged it for the first bite. It is different from all the fried chickens I ever ate.

It's a wonder to me how Bon Chon's chickens have caramelized crusts. This separates it from the rest of the poultry. While eating, I completely forgot about the gravy. It wasn't served, I doubt if they have it, and I doubt if I need it.

Bon Chon's chickens (wings, thighs, legs - you can choose what parts you like) are tasty by themselves and in their crusty crispy glory. My mates tried the spicy wings but I chickened out. I could see how red their faces were turning.

Though Bon Chon is much more expensive than the usual, say Php 125 for 6 pieces of chicken wings, I can vouch that the taste and experience are worth the price. Next time, I'm ordering rice.

What I also like about Bon Chon is how you can order by parts, like wings are cheaper than legs, and you can also get some chicken breasts. It's also located at Ayala Triangle where the Holiday Lights Show is ongoing.

I am going back to Bon Chon tomorrow because my taste buds tell me so.