11 December 2010

UCC launches a Vision Logbook not a Planner

One afternoon at UCC Cafe Terrace, guru's like Francis Kong and Raju Mandhyan were talking about how a "vision logbook" could be beneficial to normal beings like me.

Francis Kong, Prof. Jay Bernardo III, Hubert Young, Raju Mandhyan and Randell Tiiongson are UCC’s beacons of change, experts in their respective fields and are all well-versed when it comes to planning for change.

The UCC Vision Logbook contains readings like this. This could just be my favorite page in the logbook.

Mind mapping expert Raju said that we generate thousands of ideas some worth millions but we forget them along the way. Hence, a "vision logbook" can help you and me write and be more creative rather than a planner which dictates us like robots. (I feel that way when I look at mine but can't live without it!)

Coincidentally that morning I had my new Paris notebook with me. But unlike the UCC Vision Logbook, it doesn't come with a chance to get a seat to a Group Collaboration Talk with Francis Kong.

The basic vision logbook includes 2011 and 2012 calendars and contains various useful modules such as a travel vision logbook, conversion tables, notes, and Francis Kong stories, tips, and quotations.

This can be claimed after a UCC customer accumulates P5,000 in UCC Coffee Concept Store receipts.

And more promotional coupons for free dishes or drinks are inside the logbook. UCC Chocolate French Toast anyone? :)