13 December 2010

Tried and Tested: Rexona Clinical Protection vs. Christmas Shopping at Tiendesitas

Recently, I was sent this challenge by Rexona where I can only use the deodorant before going to bed and never apply it in the morning. Even after my morning shower.

I am a sucker for these things so I obliged and met them for a shopping spree at Tiendesitas - one of the most humid places in Manila. I seldom go there myself.

Shopping started at 7PM and my deodorant (Rexona Clinical Protection for Women) will almost reach its 24 hour deadline. Actually, I've been to another humid venue earlier in the morning and I was sweating like hell.


No putok or jabar.I could still smell the feminine fragrance of Rexona.

At Tiendesitas, I completely forgot about it because I was focused on shopping. Safe to say, with this product you won't have to worry about smelly underarms while Christmas shopping in tight, humid places packed with crazy shoppers (e.g Divisoria, or the Worldbex Bazaar).

Spotted Phoemela Berranda doing her patrol for the news.

8PM I secretly smelled my UA and no B.O. but the Rexona scent has faded. But come to think of it, a deodorant that lasts THAT long and THAT strong deserves an award. Don't you just hate the smell of BO? It gives me migraine and sometimes I want to hand deodorants to people. Even the richest most pretty people have B.O.

Here are some FAQs about this new must-try deodorant:

- it is best to use at night before sleeping when the skin absorbs the clinical protection best. No need to reapply in the morning even after shower.

- it has moisturizers which protects your underarms from darkening.

- Rexona Clinical Protection offers 48 hours protection even for the most excessive sweaters.

This is a premium product from Rexona and is priced at around Php 300, available at Watsons. Currently, this is my deodorant of choice.

I have confidence!

Watch the video above and see who's helping Julie Garwood sing. Must-watch!