31 December 2010

Shopping for Luck?

Every New Year, almost everyone turns into a Feng Shui expert. Surely you have at least one feng shui guru now at home orchestrating the number of fruits on your dining table.

Meanwhile, here are more stylish ways to wear your luck. See more by visiting this link:

Lucky bracelets from Joy Lim

Of all the bracelets I saw at, these are my picks. I've had my share of collection trouble this year. As in collecting payments from clients. Hopefully, 2011 would be an easier year in terms of collection with the help of these:

Buddha Speed Up Transaction Braceletand Citrine Mantra Bracelet by Joy Lim

"Citrine is a Merchant Stone, also known as Success Stone, because it is said in folklore to promote success and abundance. It also enhances mental clarity, confidence, happiness and will power. Peridot is always a great transaction gem as experienced by successful people.

This one I also found while browsing the shopping site.

Amazing, we don't have to stick our heads in Divisoria or 168 to get these, or if you want to look for amazing deals on cellphones for sale. They'd make wonderful gifts too, shipped directly to the recipient's doors :)

Though I'd prefer lucky bracelets/accessories rather than gigantic home displays.

Happy New Year and I wish you luck in money, money, and money!