03 December 2010

My Seattle's Best Coffee Slam Book

Like Cristalle Belo, my favorite cup at Seattle's Best is their Chai Tea Latte.

When I saw Cristalle's Seattle's Best Coffee tarp at The Philippine Stock Exchange Building, I gave Chai Tea Latte in the Philippines another chance.

Joyce's SBC tarpaulin.

I've been desperate in finding hot milk tea that compares to the one I had at Chulalongkorn Uni.

Eric, Alvin with Doz.

I just think that tea, mixed with a little milk won't make me fat and even help me burn some.

Joyce with Alvin and Eric.

I've been a fan ever since and can only wish I can have my own SBC tarp too!

"Hi I am Lace, 25 years old. Been drinking SBC for (can't remember). My favorite drink is Chai Tea Latte, served hot. When I am bored and need a break.

For a quick snack/break I eat Big Breakfast number 3!"

Soft scrambled eggs, meaty sausages, crispy bacon, wheat bread, and pancakes served with butter and marmalade.

Continuing my Seattle's Best Slam Book now, when I want to talk I ask my husband and/or fellow mommy bloggers to come along.

I actually ate 2 Breakfasts at SBC that morning with them, I can't remember what number this is except for it has two sunny side up eggs. That's all that matters.

Brought our flip along to document the commotion. I forgot to have my SBC Christmas card stamped though.

Love how coffee shops know how to dust some holiday spirit.

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