13 December 2010

Art of Scent | First Concept Luxury Fragrance Store in the Philippines

Not a big fan of perfumes but this store makes me want to become one.

Art of Scent is the first luxury concept fragrance store in the Philippines. The store was created with the goal of uplifting the fragrance consumer’s overall shopping experience by having well-trained Fragrance Connoisseurs in-store instead of just sales agents.

The concept behind the store is to instill in the consumer a deeper appreciation of the nuances in choosing the right fragrance that suits them best.

Art of Scent takes its inspiration from the industry-standard fragrance wheel composed of 4 major sections: fresh, woody, floral, oriental. As such, the store itself has 4 sections displaying fragrance brands based on which fragrance family it belongs to. The brands and references in these 4 sections will be rotated on a monthly basis in order to refresh the fragrance consumer’s visual and olfactory palettes.

Along with this, the store also has a main section for the top 10 selling men’s and top 10 selling women’s fragrance references based on national sales. This section serves as the store’s anchor, so called because this section will be a permanent fixture of the store.

The Art of Scent flagship store is located in the ground floor of Resorts World in Newport City, Philippines.