04 December 2010

Fanny Serrano Professionals | DIY Hair Spa in 3 Easy Steps!

After the success of local makeup brand Fashion 21 also known as F21, Fanny Serrano dibs into having his own hair care label too.

Watsons was having a sale last week and I figured I never had a complete regimen for my hair. I made my own "set" with Fanny Serrano Professionals. It's color coded and green is for nourishing.

My set includes a Fanny Serrano Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Replenishing Hair and Scalp Treatment.

Right after purchase, I treated my hair to a DIY hair spa with the products. First, the Fanny Serrano Nourishing Shampoo.

This product (Nourishing Shampoo) prevents hair damage, improves hair luster, dissolves dead skin cells and stimulates circulation for a healthier scalp. It contains revitalizing and nourishing complex of Aloe Vera extract, Papaya extract and Vitamin PRO B5 for long lasting moisture.

Like any naturals shampoo, the product weighed light and was thinner in consistency than what I'm used to. It was really soft to the hair though, used two pumps of the product to make sure everything is covered ;)

Second, the Fanny Serrano Professionals Nourishing Conditioner. Uniquely formulated to help protect and condition hair for a long lasting moisture. It also improves hair’s luster and sheen.

Surpisingly, the conditioner was easy to spread and unlike the shampoo - I only used one pump of the product and easily worked it on my hair. At this point, my hair felt softer and cleaner than before, just like what you'll notice after a hair spa from the salon.

I believed my hair was ready to absorb even more nourishment from my next and final step.

Fanny Serrano Professionals Replenishing Scalp and Hair Treatment is a mild way treatment for normal hair to keep/retain its good condition and preserve its beauty. Formulated with Synergistic AHA-Complex, it smoothly exfoliates the scalp and helps eliminate dandruff.

I used two dollops of this treatment, massaged it onto my scalp and used a hair cap to seal in the nutrients. After 5 to 10 minutes, it was fairly easy to rinse. At first, I felt like my hair thinned out but after drying, my hair was really softer and smoother. Like it had a facial. Maybe my hair is laden with pollutants and I am surprised I could improve my hair this much and at home!

I'm going to treat my hair with these products weekly. It pays to use products that belong to the same hair care line :)

Fanny Serrano Professionals is exclusively available at Watsons.