27 December 2010

AXN is Number 1 in 2010 because of Hawaii Five-O Star Grace Park

Not really! But time to wrap up 2010 and I just remembered how I watch marathons of reality shows on AXN every holiday season!
The cast of Hawaii Five-O says cheers!

AXN once again cements its position as Southeast Asia’s number one international channel, averaging 10.2 million viewers every month to take the top spot in results tabulated from January to October 2010.
Hawaii Five-O star, Grace Park is my new year's resolution!

Says Mr. Ricky Ow, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SPE Networks –Asia, “Our report card for the first 10 months shows some really great result for the year as a whole. Especially with superb ratings from two key shows in the last quarter – The Amazing Race Asia and Hawaii Five-0 – it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that AXN will finish strongly as Southeast Asia’s top English channel for 2010.”

The Richards of Amazing Race Asia Season 3

Indeed, viewers can expect an exhilarating run to the finish-line in the fourth quarter, starting with a chart-topping performance from the highly-anticipated premiere of the re-imagined Hawaii Five-0 that airs Sundays 9PM on AXN. The elite team of crime-fighters led by Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett in the reboot of the TV classic certainly mesmerized viewers as the original series did 42 years ago, passing the ratings test with flying colours. Asia’s very own reality production, The Amazing Race Asia, is another favourite that never fails to thrill viewers across the region.

Keep up the good work AXN! You know the drill, beautiful people means beautiful ratings ;)