17 December 2010

Even Celebrities Love Freebies - Dove Chocolate

I received this pack of Dove Chocolates yesterday while being hypnotized by the Internet. Of course, I couldn't help but rip open a bar of the Milk Chocolate which is Dove Chocolate's best seller.

While munching, I thought I'd search for celebrities who receive freebies like this one. Just for fun and to make issues on schwags even funnier.

Here are celebrities caught in the act of getting Dove Chocolate freebies.

Becki Newton from Ugly Betty poses with her loot bag

Neil Patrick Harris who plays the infamous Barney Stinson in "How I Met Your Mother" TV Show.

Look oh, he even got an extra piece from the back!

Chandra Wilson who plays Doctor Miranda Bailey on "Grey's Anatomy" TV Show.

I'm going to stop now before this turns into a crazy wicked blogger post but this is how I spend my me time. Good thing this Dove Chocolate comes in a bar which is just the right size, or else I can finish a whole block of it and hate it for making my thighs big.

Now I order you to try Dove Chocolate and spend your me time moment with the silkiest, smoothest, and highest quality chocolate. Stare at how they look like so you can recognize them on the shelves!

And in case you want to see more celebs with schwags: