07 December 2010

More Clinelle! Clinelle Blemish Gel Review

I am officially converted to Clinelle and can't help but hoard all products applicable to my skin type. Though I still can't wait to go back to my derma products, Clinelle is a skincare line good enough to even my skin tone for a brighter and softer skin.


Two weeks ago, I almost got Clinelle Facial Scrub and Clinelle Blemish Gel. The promodizer told me if I get 500 worth of Clinelle products, I'd get 800 worth of products for FREE. The loot includes the essential care line: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and some more products, and a Carmen Soo pillow and stress ball x.x


But as I was about to pay, the promodizer apologized and told me they ran out of some of the free stuff. Read: all the Clinelle products except for the Carmen Soo pillow and stress ball hurrrr...


I didn't realize I also got a tampered box, with the ends open and the top unsealed. Not my lucky day.

Anyway I still got the Blemish Gel on a separate occasion (still on discounted price at Watsons but I could no longer find the same promotion) and here's my review. Unlike other pimple gel this product does not sting or feel anything at all. I use it on blemish spots before sleeping and in the morning.

I could say it reduces redness and bumps by 60%, that's around 1 day worth of healing period for blemishes and pimples. I did not even read what it was made of but certainly, the ingredients must be mild because they do not produce stinging and skin darkening. It didn't make spots too dry to cause flaking either.

In short, it works without all the side effects of the usual blemish/pimple gels. The packaging says it can be worn under makeup too :)

Have you tried Clinelle Blemish Gel yet?