28 December 2010

Fashion: Dressing Up for New Year 2011

Just 3 more days to go and 2010 will be two thousand and late. It's just recently I learned the value of being "dressed for the occasion". I've taken this to heart not just for fancy pictures but for the fun of it.

Are you wearing red for luck?

I told everyone they should wear red if they are attending my New Year's Eve party, that's after me and my sister took a look around for blaring red dresses and blouses in a mall.

Lucy Torres for Kashieca Luxe

Surprisingly, we ended up at Kashieca- for some reasons they have lots of red items on display. I got three items, one for my sister and another for my mom. They even had a polka dot red dress (I got that too!).

I hopped to their Facebook Page and saw this! I completely forgot they are having a lifestyle sale at Dimensione.

Or am I too late?