12 December 2010

Flexible Wired Headbands

Remember magic hair buns back in the days?
Basically, a fabric dissected in the middle with alambre (or wire like those you can get from the auto shop ) so you have better control of twisting and turning it into a perfect hair bun.

Now here comes magic hair scarf also known better as flexible wired headbands. I have two from the Worldbex Bazaar at P240 each while looking for Ford F-150 toys that have check engine light features. I also have one in brown because I want to wear them like LV Bunny Ears.

How I wore it Number One.

How I wore it Number Two.

I am waiting for the right time to wear it just like that porcelain model above. I tried bunny ears whilst trying it on and the vendor panicked.

"no no not like that". ohkey.