30 December 2010

Catching Up on Medical Series | Grey's Anatomy
Spending New Year with my favorite doctors!

Today I'm pretending to be on vacation mode and want to be a couch potato transfixed on cable TV. I missed a lot of episodes from my favorite medical drama series, Grey's Anatomy, now running on their 8th Season in the US.
I am missing the stars on cotton nursing scrubs especially Dr. Shepherd, not so much Meredith Grey haha. The picture above is from Season 3, notice the cast (TR Knight) whom they killed on the series is still there.

I also missed this scene, Phelps meets McSteamy who makes body scrubs for men look h.o.t.t. The last episodes I watched were from Season 7, before the season finale. So much for being a workaholic.

I've been asking about digital boxes for our TV so I can record episodes and TV shows, I heard they're a bit expensive though (especially if you'll provide a box for each of your TV sets). My agenda is to grab a DVD copy of the series and have a Grey's Anatomy marathon (and their gorgeous nurses in uniforms) while waiting for midnight.

Enjoy your idiot boxes! :)