28 June 2010

Eskinol Moms and Daughters

Joyce Velasco with Mom

I am so envious of these Eskinol moms and daughters. One, they look great and second, they look like they have a great mom-daughter relationship going on.

Soleil Capulong with Mom

Eskinol says that even in skincare, moms know best which is why Eskinol moms have passed on great skin to their daughters. I remember Vilma Santos days when she graced Eskinol commercials and do you remember this classic packaging?

I used Eskinol once but my mom didn't really teach me how to use it so ~ but I want to try their modern stuff. From old to new:

And glutathione on your face powder, anyone?

Shucks, I wish I had clones so I can test every product x.x