25 June 2010

FOOD: O'sonho Portuguese Restaurant

I have no idea what Portuguese cuisine is besides that it should be similar to Spanish cuisine which we Filipinos are used to. But, upon first bite I didn't know that Portuguese cuisine is a different story that has a spicy happy ending.

The first dish I tried is this pasta which is a combination of chicken and pasta noodles tossed in a unique blend of oil and spices. For me, this is the best dish in O'sonho that I have tried. It is a well-balanced meal with the lightness of the sauce and the weight of the flavorful chicken. But unlike the usual pasta tossed in oil, you can eat as much as you want without too feeling saturated.

For meat lovers, here's a back rib rubbed in coffee beans. It is served with a scoop of mashed sweet potatoes (kamote) which makes for a bitter-sweet entree altogether.

I tried two more dishes, one is the chorizo sisig which O'sonho is known for. However I am not a fan of sisig and had great expectations that were unfortunately unmet by this one. The other dish is an interesting viand made of fried potato strings and spicy pork. Anything spicy, I love.

Overall, if there is one thing O'sonho is good at, it is the ability to mix and blend different types of spices that are unique in taste. Out of the four dishes I tried, 3 of them are like 'first-times' for my palette which is a virgin when it comes to Portuguese cuisine.

My experience deserved a nice dessert from O'sonho, chocolate cake topped with a cherry. Thumbs up for every restaurant that doesn't forget to offer a sweet ending to every meal.

O'sonho is located at Eastwood City Mall where more interesting dining spots and flavors await you! :)