20 June 2010

How to Curl your hair using a straightener

JML Hair Straightener/Curler Php 1,400

I impulsed shop one day and bought a new hair ceramic flat iron, to curl my hair! Don't you just love it when department stores have demo units and they can actually show you how to do it? The saleslady curled my hair with just a flip or two, I tried it myself and got it done after some time.

The Best How To Video on curling hair with straightener:

Last night, I pulled out my unit from my drawer and tried to make curls. But oh no, looks like I forgot to do it. I did my sister's hair but with my hair - I lose hand and eye coordination. I didn't want my Php 1,400 to go to waste so I immediately researched on YouTube on how to curl hair using a straightener. There were lots of vids but this one saved my life.

If I have time, I'll video myself working the flat iron. And now I can't stop watching How To videos on YouTube! :) Do you have other techniques with your hair straightener?