13 June 2010

Samsung Hope x Folded and Hung

Remember that cool Samsung commercial where models are wearing hoodies with different shout outs? The hoodies were available at Folded and Hung stores through Samsung's I Imagine campaign that encouraged the Filipino youth to speak-up and voice-out their opinions, thoughts, feelings and ideas (fashionably).

Sam with winner of the I Imagine contest by Samsung and Folded and Hung

The contest received more than 10,000 entries and proceeds from the sales of the I Imagine hoodies amounting to five hundred thousand pesos,was donated for the causes of Samsung Hope which sends underprivileged children back to school.

I was there during the turnover and Sam Milby too who is the co-endorser of Samsung and Folded and Hung and spokesperson for the Department of Education. Sam shares in the vision of both companies for a better future for children by providing them quality education which makes him even more gorgeous :)