15 June 2010

Elianto Miracle UV BB Balm - I Got It!

I think Elianto has cast a spell on me, I swear I am not being sent these products but buying them off the shelf! I just thought I needed a new approach when it comes to make-up and I am trying it the Korean way through this Korean brand. All though I read some say it is made in Malaysia and not Korea, it still works the same according to most beauty bloggers :)

My first Elianto purchase was a success and I couldn't sleep until I got another product which is the Elianto Miracle UV BB Balm. Elianto's best seller, in fact, one stall I visited said they were out of stock. So I asked my super nice lovey dovey hubby again to get me this item here at SM Bacoor where they also have a new stall.

It was my friend Mariel, who tried the BB Balm first when we first saw the Elianto shop. It gave her a glowing and fresh look although the attendant used the BB Balm together with the BB cream. Both items are around Php 700 each, I asked if the BB Balm can be used alone and the saleslady said yes but the effect is better if it is topped with the BB cream.

Untouched Elianto Miracle UV BB Balm

I haven't tried it yet, my Elianto BB Balm is still a virgin until I have the time to go out and put it to use. Then, I shall post pictures again of the result. I've been looking at YouTube for video tutorials on how to properly use the Elianto BB Balm but I can't find any! x.x