09 June 2010

Tried and Tested: Elianto Eyebrow Oval Pencil

Finally! My husband got this for me while shopping today. I just can't live without an eyebrow pencil, notice how it can make any face look more groomed? Full eyebrows care of eyebrow pencils or powders also make you look younger and fresher. Given that you apply them properly :)

I decided to grab this Elianto Eyebrow Pencil (Oval) because my friend and I tried it two days ago in the department store. I like how light it is and how its brush (available at the other end of the pencil) creates a soft, even more natural look.

My shade of choice is light brown. Compared to the other pencils of Elianto, I think the Oval type is softer in color and texture. Plus, who has time to sharpen their eyebrow pencils these days? I don't! So retractable it is.

Will post pics soon of my eyebrows with and without this product ^^