22 June 2010

Meet Ginga - The latest in Flip Flops!

You know what's good about all the flip-flop craze and new brands popping out? It's giving us girls the license to have more relaxed comfort and getaway with wearing flip flops just about anywhere :)

I am guilty of this (and also on wearing Crocs everywhere)especially when I have no time to decide what shoes to wear. They are just so easy to go with and fun to wear with all the colors and prints available.

For popular casual footwear brand Ginga, pronounced as jinga (which literally means to rock back and forth or to swing like the fundamental movement in capoeira), flip-flops aren’t just for summer strolls and beach getaways. They are the perfect footwear for the rainy season—they are comfy, stylish, durable, and easy to clean and dry. No need to worry about drenched shoes and dripping socks!

I personally like white colored flip flops but they get dirty easily. I will try with my new pair of Ginga if they are really easy to clean. White flip-flops are just so feminine just like a Barbie doll's slip-ons. The photos above are just some of Ginga's designs that I personally like and think that you would love to :)