02 June 2010

Havin' a Baby - No Fuss Fashion for Preggy Ladies

When I got pregnant, I really wished I had lots of maternity clothes but people advised me that I will only use them for a short time. However, at 7-9 months - it was getting hard to fit into normal clothes. Even loose clothes that are available on the rack. I thought, pregnant women deserve to have special clothes made for them. Something they can wear with lots of comfort and style, that would show to the world how proud they are of their growing bellies :)

Ruffled sleeveless top puts flair on your baby bump

This polka-dot printed piece reminds me of Desperate Housewives fashion :)

And a cute denim dress that snugs on the right places

Just before I gave birth, I visited Havin' A Baby store at the wonderful Greenbelt 5 with some friends. It was just the best maternity store ever, with not just clothes but also maternity accessories like the belly belt, support belt, sexy maternity lingerie, and even diaper bags.

They also have swimwear for preggers. Everything a pregnant lady would like is here, fashion wise. I tried lots of pieces but opted to get 3 dresses. Each piece at Havin' A Baby are designed in their own production factory and can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy.

Sexy chic maternity swimwear

And more stuff for you and your baby

Now you won't feel guilty shopping for maternity clothes because you can wear them pregnant or not. I like the diversity of the pieces, from casual to business to party wear.

Each piece would cost around Php 1,200 and it is not a bad price considering how it fits so well and make any mommy look instantly primped. I enjoyed shopping here too because of the friendly staff that took the time to get a dress my size from Greenbelt 5 to Glorietta! Talk about customer service. And they know how it is difficult for preggers to walk to and from racks that they would just tale care of everything. No wonder celebs like Judy Ann Santos who is also expecting have been spotted here, exiting the store with lots of pieces.