27 June 2010

Chain Bag

I've seen lots of people wearing chain bags or bags with chain straps. Everyone looks inspired by Chanel but not all of us can afford it (sad). What's great with chain bags is how they double as an accessory, chains could either be gold, silver, black or combination like what I have here.

It's a combination of small silver and black chains, feels classy without going overboard. My outfit today was simple and I had to think of accessibility for breastfeeding purposes. Then I thought of how supermodel moms don loose polo shirts and look great in them. I wish I did but I tried my best here :)

The chain bag pulls the outfit up one note from plain simple to classy. Still, I am wearing my new pair of flats from Parisian. I tried to look for more shoes today at the mall to drown in but today is not my feet's lucky day.

Guess where I got the bag!