01 March 2011

Beauty: 24/7 Must-Know Make Up Tips

Lucky me I'm beginning to find my HG makeup kits essentials which now include eye shadows! I've practiced on innocent victims like my sister and her co-workers, to my tita and my mom. I guess with makeup, it's a never-ending study and practice.

So, here are extensive and brand new makeup tips from Avon Color's Creative Consultant, makeup artist Lala Flores to help keep you looking fabulous from day-to-night. (read more below)

1. A working day

The situation: You wake up at 6 a.m., prepare for work, and do your usual 8-hour grind. You are in and out of meetings – with clients, suppliers, and your own office team. Your only time to put on makeup (or retouch it) is when you are in transit to your next meeting or in between 5-minute bathroom breaks. How can a woman-on-the-go like you pitch in time for full makeup coverage?

Lala says: We always want to put on a professional look no matter the kind of work we do. A light foundation, powder, blush, lipstick, one wash of eye color and mascara will help us look good the whole day no matter how hectic your schedule is. Stay away from very bold colors. Your usual everyday statement is you should look pretty and polished enough and ready to work. To stay fresh on your usual day, touch up with a powder and lipstick when needed.

Try this from Avon: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Knockout Pink, Ideal Shade Dual Powder Foundation SPF 15 (choose your best shade suitable for your skin tone: Natural Beige, Pure Beige, Shell, Nude).

2. A relaxed weekend with friends
The situation: It’s a Saturday – the day you’ve been looking forward to. After a week of hard work, you decide to reward yourself by reconnecting with your friends, exchange stories over a cup of coffee and watching a movie you’ve been raring to see. The challenge is you want to look your best without overdoing your makeup.

Lala says: It is best to put on light powder to even out skin tone, a nice swirl of healthy looking blush on, mascara to open up eyes and lip gloss to add glow on your face. It may seem simple but it is a sure way to look made up without an explicit full coverage.

Try this from Avon: Your favorite Glazewear Lip Gloss shade, Ideal Shade Pressed Powder (choose your best shade suitable for your skin tone)

3. A romantic Friday night date
The situation: The guy you’ve been eyeing for months finally asked you out! You’ve been seeing him around the office for quite some time but tonight, you want to look different. You want to look sultry without being too sexy.

Lala says: You have to choose which one to accentuate -- your eyes or your lips. If you want to look pretty all night for your date, choose to accentuate your eyes. A good combination would be neutral shades of brown, eyeliner, and mascara to define the eyes without looking heavy. This would instantly make your eyes sparkle. Swirl on a neutral rose color blush on cheeks and a nude pink gloss. Night lighting is so tricky.

Try this from Avon: True Color Eyeshadow Quad - Sandy Corals, Glimmersticks Eye Liner Dark Brown, SuperCurl Mascara - Black

But if you’re pressed for time, Lala recommends to just skip putting on eyeshadow. Instead, put on 2-3 coats of mascara to keep your eyes open, swirl on a blush, and then choose a really nice lipstick shade in pinks or reds that compliment your skin tone. This is a typical dinner date makeup that works. Just make sure to check your lipstick if it is still intact after dinner. Touch up lipstick if needed.

Try this from Avon: SuperShock Mascara in Black, Smooth Minerals Lipstick in Pink Quartz, Smooth Mineral Blush in Golden Glow

4. An early Saturday sports date
The situation: You are scheduled to do your first 5KM run one Sunday morning with your cute running buddy. You’ve trained hard enough but just had less than 8 hours of sleep. You see yourself in the mirror only to see that the lack of sleep has taken its toll on your face. What do you do?

Lala says: Choosing the right shade is key when doing your makeup for a sports date. A cream-based concealer, cheek blush, clear gloss or lip tint with a conditioning balm would ensure that the makeup stays put after a workout. You want to look healthy looking and not too made up. Using a nude rosy shade would do the trick.

Try this from Avon: Ideal Shade Concealer Stick (choose from Almond or Neutral), Glazewear Clear Lip Gloss, True Color Blush in Peach

5. A mid-week concert date with your girl friends
The situation: After waiting for three months, the most-awaited concert of the year arrives! It’s the ultimate date time with your girl bestfriends-slash-sisters for life and you want to look glam, prepped up for all the singing and dancing the night has in store for you.

Lala says: This would be the perfect time to play on your eye and lip color makeup. You’d want to look fabulous all night with all the flashes of your digital camera.

Try this from Avon: Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick SPF 15 in Rockin' Red, True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Haze, SuperExtend Mascara in Black

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