29 March 2011

Go Fickle Winners!

Congratulations Paul for winning the Go Fickle Promo on! :)

Paul Perkin wrote:

I know I'm not a girl but there are no rules that men can't join here, right? =P By looking at those pictures, it made me think and wish that Go Fickle would also do something like that for men =) I find Go Fickle Wedges and Flats very versatile yet funky since it can be used on casual days and on some occasions. I joined and wanted a pair of Go Fickle Wedges because my girl is dying to have one of these and I also wanted to give this to her as a surprise gift on our anniversary.

We have four additional winners who get 25% off on their next Go Fickle Wedges Posh Set purchase:

1. Ava Te
2. Steph Tumampos
3. Sam Sanchez
4. Allison Gutierrez

And all other readers who joined gets 10% off discount until April 2, 2011. This is also the deadline for redemption of prizes.