08 March 2011

Technology: Blueooth Makes HiSense in Fashion

Hand us anything that can make our lives easiER and we'd buy it! Nowadays everyone has their hands full, literally and figuratively. Most especially busy ladies who want to be 24 hour superwomen. I even think that busy is the latest accessory, don't you think?


Ehud Shchori, Director of Hisense International Mobile Accessories Division shows off his cool devices

So here is something both fashion and functional to help you juggle appointments, running successive errands, and multi-tasking. Note: this will even help you make even more money and run an empire (think Kimora Lee Simmons, Paris Hilton - you get the drift).


HB200S Slim Headset looks chic and is available in many colors.

Hisense, a global brand recognized for its multimedia and telco solutions has launched a new line of Bluetooth mobile accessories in Manila. It ranges from bluetooth headsets, stereo bluetooth headsets, and even solar powered hands-free car kits.


Model wearing the HB420S Sport. Sweat proof and light weight, this is my Bluetooth Hisense wish!

Right now I am taking advantage of my HB200M Mini Headset (in black) which lets me connect with two different mobile phones. It can also be connected to the notebook yet I have to upgrade and buy a laptop which actually has bluetooth capabilities.

Total cost is Php 1,900 ++ but comes with different sizes of ear plugs, a lanyard, and a magnetic clip for easy access to your device. I've only been using it for a week and so far, I have no problems connecting it with my N95.


For online slaves like I am, I would recommend the HB440H Hi-Fi stereo which can allow you to take calls, listen to music, enjoy video streaming, and all that. Why didn't I even get this one? I'm guessing it is a bit more pricey than the mini and I won't go out wearing this to take calls during client meetings.

Now you know there is a different type of Hisense Bluetooth device (or call it accessory if you like) for every time and place :)