13 March 2011

Beauty: Hairy Issues - Wax in, Shave out!

If you're from the 80's you'd know that's from Karate Kid, but this post has nothing to do with martial arts. Today I am talking of below-the-belt hairy issues, why you should get a Brazilian wax, undergo a laser hair removal, and score a more lady-like pair of legs.

First and to be honest, do not shave any part of your body. Okay, armpits exempted. Shaving any part of your body would cause darkening. Have you ever tried shaving your bikini area? Then I am sure you found it difficult to deal with hair re-growth, with stiffer strands of hair sticking out of your undies. Not sexy!

In high school, shaving legs were all the rage and I am glad I didn't follow the lead. Do not shave your legs if you don't have to. Actually, never shave your legs unless you like to have chicken legs.

Model Ornusa Cadness 'strands out' with her hair-free legs at the Lay Bare launch.

If you are born hairy then opt for waxing treatments that effectively removes hair from the roots. Eyebrow (I just discovered this and got amazing results!), upper lip, under arm, bikini area, and legs - all these areas can be waxed rather than violently plucked, or shaved. Waxing gives you more hair-free moments without the aftershock of darker skin, stubs, and hair damage.

Some salons I've tried and highly recommend for waxing treatments are: House of Glitz (for bikini wax) and Nail-a-Holics (for eyebrow wax).

Another salon I have been wanting to try and have been hearing about is Lay Bare. My friends say that the biggest difference between Lay Bare and any previous traumatic experience you might have had with hair removal(the scalding wax and the quick rips on your skin) - Lay Bare has pioneered the use of cold wax jelly and an innovative patch-waxing technique.

Made from all-natural ingredients that suit extra-sensitive skin, Lay Bare’s cold wax jelly allegedly (because I haven't tried them yet) eliminates incidents of nicks, cuts or burns, and is a relatively comfortable procedure. Combined with Lay Bare’s patch-waxing technique, skin trauma is further reduced by removing a small section of hair at a time.