16 March 2011

Beauty: Pond's Flawless White Unbeaten Challenge | Week 1: Lace and Earth

I am asked to join the Ponds Flawless White (PFW) Challenge and try at least one PFW product. And because my face suffers from acne scars and blemishes, my weapon of choice is going to be the Ponds Flawless White day cream.
My bare face after applying PFW for the first time. Note the acne scars and blemishes on the cheek.

I am doing this with my blogger friend Earth, whose "flawless white" progress I will also journal.

Both of us passed the patch skin test which is important if you are to try a new product on your skin. It's been four (4) days since I used the day cream and here is my morning/day regimen.

1. Wash face with medicated soap
2. Toner
3. Ponds Flawless White Visible Lightening Day Cream

From the TV ads of Pond's, my expectations is for the product to lighten my acne scars (as shown above) and minimize appearance of new blemishes. Skin scientists have revealed that Ponds Flawless White visibly lightens skin in 4 weeks and is more effective than more prestigious brands. It has VAO-B3 complex which offers multiple UV protection. I normally use parsol gel as my daily sunblock so I am now replacing it with Pond's for this challenge. Let's wait and see if Pond's is truly unbeaten and if it can beat my skin problems!

First week notes:

1. I like the subtle smell of this day cream, though it is not my first time to use this product (used it in college). Worried if the scent can cause reactions to my sensitive skin.

2. Applying only a thin layer, the product gives an instant matte finish (thanks to its optics system) which made my skin instantly lighter. But of course, truth will come out after washing. Cream is pinkish so I guess it helps give a pinkish white glow?

"Try the effect of the optics system on yourself, on your hand to be exact. Notice how one hand is visibly lighter instantly after applying PFW Visible Lightening Day Cream." - Lace

3. The day cream helps my skin to be less oily throughout the day. I re-apply it when going outdoors because its sunblock component is not that high (hence it's lightweight)and so far, no ill side-effects.
Ashton says "please support my mommy on her quest to flawless skin by leaving your comments"

4. No visible effects so far but I like how this product feels. Wearing it everyday and everywhere. Because it leaves my skin looking brighter (yes its the optic system and not yet the "real" skin deep result) and protects me from the sun, I catch myself playing outdoors even more :)
First week notes:

1. Earth has used all Pond's Flawless White products including the cleanser, serum, eye cream, day cream and night cream, and sunblock. Noted how this controversial blogger is very picky when it comes to skin care, Earth likes the PFW products so far. *whew!*

2. Compared to her usual skincare products, Earth says Pond's Flawless White products are more lightweight.

3. We agree how the day cream visibly and instantly lightens the skin but after washing, the effect is gone.

4. The sunblock is also good according to Earth and effective in keeping her face matte and less shiny.
Both of us hope to see visible effects at least two weeks of using PFW.

Our team will also be up on Pond's Flawless White microsite where you can vote for us and our honest to goodness reviews. I will announce the URL this week. People not blessed with great skin, represent! :)